On behalf of our customers, Linc Sourcing takes care of all logistic matters in getting the products from the factory to its final destination.

Using the total freight volume for all of our customers, we negotiate the very best shipping rates which each customer can then profit from. Most Chinese suppliers normally require large volumes before accepting orders. However, since our combined business for our customers is large and since we place most of our orders through suppliers that work for many of our customers, we usually get full attention even for the smallest orders.

For Full Container Loads (FCL), Linc Sourcing will instruct the shipping agent to deliver the container directly to its final destination. For Low Container Loads (LCL), the goods are loaded into a container together with goods to other customers. Linc Sourcing will then instruct the shipping agent what goods to be delivered to what final address.

We constantly supervise all of our customers´ orders and shipments to minimize the risk of delays.


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