We put very high quality demands on our suppliers and have developed methods to assure high product quality, delivery precision, packing, etc. Quality control is carried out both on incoming raw material, during production and before dispatch of goods.

Our aim is to make sure that no products with inferior quality leave our suppliers and thereby never reach our customers. Our quality assurance system is based on the following:

Quality starts with customer

First of all, we try to make our customers understand the importance of making right demands from start and to provide our suppliers with complete information.

Quality oriented suppliers

In our selection of suppliers, we pay high attention to the audit of their quality control system and during the ongoing cooperation we constantly try to develop and improve our suppliers through training and in-depth audits.

Drawings and samples

No supplier is allowed to start mass production of any product before drawings and/or samples have been approved by customer.

QC reports from suppliers

Apart from our own quality inspections we also ask our suppliers, when it is called for, to supply their own quality reports to confirm that all measures and other quality requirements are in accordance with drawings and specifications.

Quality inspections

Our local staff will conduct quality inspections to confirm the quality and to make a final assurance that no products with quality problems leave our suppliers. Unless we get other requirements from our customers, our quality checks are in accordance with level II of ISO 2859, AQL major 1.0 and minor 2.5.
Our general rule is to send out our own quality staff to check quality for samples and the first three mass production batches. If we don´t detect any major problems after the first three orders, we discuss with the customer whether we can trust the supplier to deliver good quality products without our supervision.


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