We have a network of around 145 qualified suppliers in China. Each one of our suppliers has been carefully checked and selected by us. All our suppliers offer competitive prices, high level of service, quality control according to European standard and, which is very important, ability to communicate in a straightforward, clear and easy understandable way. When we get requests that do not fit well with our existing suppliers, we conduct new supplier sourcing. We have strict rules and a well thought-out and structured way of working for each new sourcing mission to make sure we never miss the target.


For each new request and for each new product from our customers, we:

  • make a thorough supplier sourcing and supplier audit,
  • make sure that the quality control works satisfactory,
  • make sure that the logistics work properly and are handled in the most efficient way,
  • assist with advice and communication regarding technical questions such as production of drawings, finding new and intelligent production solutions, designing and production of moulds, tools and jigs, etc.


We pay a lot of attention to geography in our selection of suppliers. If possible, the supplier should be in an area which is easily accessible and not too far away from the customer´s other suppliers. The supplier must also be located in an area with cheap raw material, good infrastructure and well educated and price competitive labour force.


In our sourcing job we pay high attention to the fact that customer and supplier must fit together regarding company size, quality, working way, etc.

Personal visits

In Linc Sourcing, we have a sourcing team which is responsible for all supplier sourcing. Before accepting orders with any new supplier, someone from our sourcing team has always paid a personal visit to the supplier in order to make a so called LISE (Linc Sourcing Initial Supplier Evaluation) but also to establish a personal relationship – something which is extremely important in business with companies in China.

Important criteria at supplier audits

In our selection of new suppliers, we pay high attention to:

  • that the supplier communicates in a swift, straightforward and effective way,
  • that the supplier has a well-functioning and thought-out quality system,
  • that it is clean and tidy in and around the premises,
  • that the supplier has a good administrative system,
  • that there is an R&D department with ability to make construction drawings,
  • that there is a high level of service,
  • that the supplier can accept low quantity orders,
  • that supply conditions have been established,
  • that the supplier is willing to accept Linc Sourcing´s codes of conduct, and that there is an awareness for and interest in environmental questions.

Supplier development

Once we have entered into a relationship with a supplier we also start an active supplier development process. We have well thought-out and structured “Supplier Guidelines” which describe how the suppliers ought to work to make their work and our cooperation as effective as possible, to make our customers as satisfied as possible, and to make sure that we can grow together and develop a fruitful and prosperous relationship

Codes of conduct

Linc Sourcing have set goals and requirements for our suppliers that we want them to fulfill regarding working conditions and environment. We want each supplier to

  • comply with national laws and regulations and with international conventions concerning protection of the environment, working conditions and child labour,
  • respect fundamental human rights and treat the workforce fairly and with respect,
  • strive towards, and have a plan for, how to continuously reduce waste and emissions to air, ground or water,
  • handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner, and to contribute to the recycling of materials and used products and strive towards using as much recycled material as possible in production and packing.

Read more about our work with regards to sustainability



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