Linc Sourcing was started in Sweden in 1995 and is owned by Lennart Rosell. Lennart is Swedish and his Swedish values are reflected in the management of the company and in everything we do. Transparency, reliability and speedy communication are some of the key words that we all live by.

Outsourced purchasing department

We act as your outsourced purchasing department in China with office in Shanghai. As your buying agent, we make your purchasing process more efficient with the overall aim to lower your purchasing costs. Our current organization consists of 2 employees in Sweden (Alingsås), 11 employees in China (Shanghai) and 3 franchise partners in Spain (Madrid), UK (Leeds) and Italy (Milan). In addition, we have a network of around 80 active suppliers. We handle an annual purchase volume of more than USD 13 million, on behalf of around 90 active customers, with an annual growth of about 15%. All our customers benefit from our expansion by a larger and better network of suppliers, a continuous improvement of working routines and by Linc Sourcing being a larger customer entity versus our suppliers. Our customers can benefit from the advantages of a large company and still keep the customer service and attention as that of a small and dedicated company.


  1. A trustworthy, reliable and transparent purchase partner.
  2. Long and extensive experience from purchase in China.
  3. Extensive and well-established supplier network.
  4. As your outsourced purchase department in China we offer full supply chain management services including supplier sourcing, supplier evaluations, business negotiations, legal advice, technical assistance, order handling, quality control, logistics handling and supplier development.
  5. Each customer gets his own purchase team.
  6. Large combined purchase volumes from our suppliers gives us attractive product prices, low minimum order quantity requirements and competitive shipping rates.
  7. New customers are welcome to try our services free of charge. “No win, no fee”!
  8. Remuneration is based on performance – no fixed costs.

We are simply the best outsourced purchasing department in China you can ever find – and we are happy to prove it!


All people involved in our organization, including our suppliers, must be aware of and share our core values, where transparency, reliability and speedy communication are some of the key words!

Exceed expectations
  • We should always try to perform better than what is expected from us.
  • Our business model holds us accountable for achieving results – we must always produce an added value and constantly improve ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We should be the best and most reliable purchase partner anyone can ask for.
Easily accessible
  • Everybody in our organization should be easy to get hold of.
  • If the responsible person is not available, someone else should handle the matter.
Clear, speedy and transparent information
  • All information, good or bad, should immediately be available for all involved so that accurate decisions can be made.
  • All tasks given to us should be supervised and replied to without delay.
  • We should be simple and straightforward in our communication to avoid misunderstandings.
  • All information which is not bound by confidentiality should be transparent and open.
Team spirit and creativity
  • We should encourage individual initiatives and stimulate creative thinking.
  • We should have a positive team spirit and act to create a positive working atmosphere.