We have a close cooperation with a large number of Chinese suppliers who are all checked, audited and approved by us according to our quality rules. We have a network of around 145 qualified suppliers and when we get requests that do not fit with any of the existing suppliers, we immediately start a sourcing project in order to identify the most suitable supplier. Our combined purchase volume makes us a large customer with several of our suppliers. Hence, we always get full attention from these factories and they can usually accept all kinds of orders – special orders, small orders, large orders and urgent orders.

We never start cooperation with a new supplier unless we have visited them and made what we call a LISE (Linc Sourcing Initial Supplier Evaluation). If they don´t pass our scrutiny, we continue to look for another potential supplier to recommend to our customer.

We continuously work with supplier development with the aim that all our suppliers should constantly improve in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Environmental awareness
  • Safety and working conditions for employees
  • Quality
  • Administration and management

If no supplier within our existing supplier network is suitable for a customer´s request, we start a sourcing project in order to find a new supplier to recommend.
Read more about our Supplier Sourcing


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